21 October 2016

Is your Student Loan Payment being Wasted?

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Are you paying the 15 year standard payment on your student debt—the one they automatically assigned to you when you graduated? Well that's cray-cray.  

Why?  Because it does not have a student loan forgiveness provision!

Fifteen years is a long time. The day may come you cannot afford your payment—assuming you can afford it now. You would have to switch to an income–driven repayment plan. And, unfortunately, you would be starting at loan–forgiveness payment number one.  

Ouch! That’s right.

Why not go ahead and do it now? You can still pay the same amount. Biggest difference being that each payment will count towards student loan forgiveness—just in case you ever need it.

Sweet love.

Don’t waste your payments any longer. Switch over to an income–driven plan as soon as possible. You can do that in one of three ways.

  1. You can calculate the payment and submit the documents yourself.
  2. You can contact your grumpy loan servicer (jk!).

The choice is yours. We just encourage you to act now or you probably never will. Agree?

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